Rotary Youth International Orchestra of Israel


Concert for World Peace in Israel 2014


What is the Rotary Youth International Orchestra?

Maestro Giuseppe Savazzi through the "Rotary Youth International Orchestra" project carries out an international mission of musical and cultural alphabetization. The purpose is to give young musicians, in their native countries, the education needed to fully develop artistically and musically in a self-sufficient way.

Several initiatives have already been carried out in India, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy and other nations all around the world. In each country young students from local schools and orchestras are selected to take part in training master classes with Maestro Giuseppe Savazzi. The master class closing concert, apart from sealing the union of all the participants, can be used to raise funds for locally relevant social initiatives.

"The world is a huge orchestra in which each one of us has his own little insignificant part to play. The success of your instrument and mine depends not upon the amount of noise they make, but upon how perfectly they harmonize with the instruments about us; and he who, sufficient unto himself, insists upon blowing his own horn in his own big pompous way, finds himself not only a maker of discords, but also persona non grata to all the rest of the band.

If Rotary can bring home to us a fuller realization of the fact that we are not individual performers, but rather small parts of a stupendous entirety, not only will our lives harmonize better with the lives of those around us, but will also find them easier and better worth living."

Paul P. Harris
Paul Harris